Felix in Poland

Field of study in Wageningen: Biology
Study period exchange: 19/02/2019 until 28/06/2019
Country (exchange): Poland
City (exchange): Warsaw
University (exchange): Warsaw University of Life Science

2. Motivation for exchange

Why did you choose to go on study exchange?

To broaden my horizion and to experience a culture that is unknown to me.

Why did you choose for Poland?

It lays directly in the capital of the country and is very central for traveling.

3. University and studying

Could you provide some general information about the followed courses?

How is the study formalized?

Mostly lectures with an end project or presentation.

What is the culture of the university?

Sadly no contact with native students. Erasmus students are a group for their own.

What does the university offer the student additionally?

Everything listed is offered but personally I can recommend the S4 gym rather than the University gym.

4. Housing-travelling-living

What are the possibilities for housing?

There are cheap dorms, but you share at least a room with another person.

What is the culture of the country like?

It is more conservative than in Western Countries and the cuisine is more meat based.

Could you give a general price indication of the place of residence compared to living in Wageningen?

It is way cheaper and you can afford to take your girlfriend out for dinner.

Could you give some information about public transport?

An Uber to the city center is not more than a few Euro, perfect for going out late.

5. Free time

What are must-sees in the area? 

The big city park in the summer and the old town. Smolna club for Techno Lovers, as it is for me the best in Europe.

What does not appear in the travel guide, but is worth a visit?

Different clubs: Erasmus clubs, Park club and Cubano.

6. Challenges & best moment abroad

What was a challenge you have experienced?

The language barrier and the bad English knowledge of the natives, but a Polish course helps.

What was your best memory abroad?

Meeting my polish girlfriend on our first date and the evenings we had spend together.

7. Contact details

Would you like to ask Felix more questions about his exchange?
Send him a mail: Felix1395@live.de