Exchange in Barcelona

Field of study in Wageningen: Business and Consumer studies
Study period exchange: 03/02/2019 until 04/07/2019
Country (exchange): Spain
City (exchange): Barcelona
University (exchange): Universitat de Barcelona
Faculty (exchange): Faculty of Economics and Business

2. Motivation for exchange

Why did you choose to go on study exchange?

I wanted to gain international experience and saw this as an opportunity to develop my personal skills and the chance to meet new people, culture and language.

What is the reason you chose for this country/university?

Spain was always the first option for me, because of its culture, people, food and nature. The university offers courses in which I could gain more knowledge and develop more skills.

3. Accessibility to reach destination

Do you have any tips to reach your exchange destination?

I would recommend travelling by airplane and when you reach the airport, take the Aerobus to the city centre.

4. University and studying

Could you provide some general information about the followed courses?

How is the study formalized?

The courses had the same structure as the Wageningen university. The courses existed of lectures, cases/groupwork and an end exam.

What is the culture of the university?

The lecturers in Barcelona were very accessible and offered help to the students when needed. The difference is that the lectures at the Wageningen university  have a higher level of English than in Barcelona.

What does the university offer the student additionally?

The university offers two different breakfast/lunch/dinner canteens and a huge sport campus with all different kind of sport facilities. 

5. Housing-travelling-living

What are the possibilities for housing?

There are different kind of Facebook groups in which rooms/houses are being offered. I got my room via my niece, so I don’t know much about it.

What is the culture of the country like?

The people are more orientated on the outside life. People like to go to restaurants, go for a beer with friends and enjoy their surroundings. The people are less performance orientated than in the Netherlands and think about day-to-day life rather than the future (Always mañana, mañana, mañana).

Could you give a general price indication of the place of residence compared to living in Wageningen?

I would say that the average rent price in Barcelona is around 500 Euro a month, while in Wageningen it is around 400 Euro.

Could you give some information about public transport infrastructure?

The public transport infrastructure is amazing. There are like 11 metro lines, which brings you everywhere in the city. Students can buy a 3-month transport card for 105 euro’s, which you can use for metro, train and bus.

6. Free time

What are must-sees in the area? 

  • Las Ramblas
  • El born
  • Barri gòtic
  • Camp Nou
  • Park Güell
  • Sagrada familia
  • Strand
  • Montjuïc

What does not appear in the travel guide, but is worth a visit?

Bunker de Carmel: An amazing viewpoint, where people can chill and watch the amazing sunset.

Do you have general tips and tricks about leisure time?

Try to avoid crowded places because of the extreme level of pickpockets. Visit the El born and Gracia neighbourhood with their nice little antic shops and cute bars/restaurants. 

7. Challenges & best moment abroad

What was a challenge you have experienced?

Being able to make yourself understandable in the Spanish/Catalan language.

What was your best memory abroad?

Meeting new wonderful people and making everlasting relationships.