Eline in Sweden

Why did you choose for this specific country to study abroad?

When searching for countries and universities for my study abroad, I wanted to choose a university where I would be challenged. Scandinavian countries are well known for their high-level education in my study field, so the quest started there. Alnarp, in Sweden was a dream coming true, the campus was a ‘Harry Potter’ like castle in the middle of a beautiful park. Since its located close to Copenhagen I could explore both Sweden and Den

What was your best moment during your study abroad?

Too many good memories. We often had big dinners with all the exchange students, from Italian pasta evenings to crazy Swedish soup parties. At the end of the semester we decided to organize a big Christmas dinner. Everyone cooked and brought a dish they normally eat during Christmas in their country. The dinner lasted the whole night. It was so nice to have everyone together one last time before all going back to our home countries.

What was a challenge you experienced during your study abroad?

I didn’t experience a big challenge, but I can imagine that it can be hard for some people in the beginning to be isolated from home. Probably the hardest part for me was leaving Alnarp. When leaving Wageningen I knew that when I would come back everything would be as it was before. But when leaving your exchange period, you know that when you return, it won’t be the same. Of course, that makes you appreciate the time you have!

Do you have tips for students who also want to study abroad?

Enjoy every minute you have! Especially when you’re going for half a year, those six months are over before you know it. Not only participate in activities and trips with your friends but try to learn as much as you can and join study trips as well. It’s interesting to get different points of view from your teachers and other students. I had the most eye-opening discussions during my exchange period.