Siri in Paris

Why did you choose for France to study abroad?
For my exchange I went to Paris. I didn’t really have a specific reason to go there other then that I always wanted to live in Paris since I can remember. So the choice for which country was made very quickly.

What was your best moment during your study abroad?
I think that the best moments are the moments with the amazing people you meet there. Your exchange becomes so special because of the different city and mostly the different people you meet who come from all around the world. I loved being with the people of my exchange and I miss them so much now I am back in the Netherlands. It made it just so special that you are sharing your live experiences with people from for a whole different continent.

What was a challenge you experienced during your study abroad?
Well I had never lived outside of the Netherlands so that was the only challenge I could think about before I went. But the moment I was in Paris I felt at home. With WhatsApp and other social media it is easy to stay in contact with my family and friends from home so that made it easy.

Do you have tips for students who also want to study abroad?
Enjoy every second of it because it is the best time of your life! And don’t choose too much courses (just enough for your minor), that way you can also discover the country/city you live in and be with the other exchange students.

Are there other things you want to share with future exchange students?

I just want to say that it was the best time of my life and I would love to return to Paris and live there in a later stadium of my life. I am also thinking about writing my master thesis in Spain, it will never be the same as this semester but I just love to be in different places in the world to learn and meet the people from the country.